Qualifications of Directors
December 6, 2021

Qualifications of Directors

6.01 The following individuals, in addition to those specified in the Act and the regulations, shall not be eligible to be elected or entitled to remain directors of the Co-operative:

  1. Individuals having an account with the Co-operative which is over three months in arrears;
  2. Individual who have not transacted at least $5,000 in business with the Co-operative during the preceding fiscal year;
  3. Employees of the Co-operative;
  4. No director shall be eligible for re-election after serving three consecutive terms of 3 years, until he has been out of office for at least one year;
  5. Individuals who have not been members of the Co-operative for at least two years immediately preceding election;
  6. Individuals under the age of eighteen;
  7. An unsatisfactory criminal record check according to Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority (SLGA); or
  8. An individual who has declared bankruptcy.

Director Duties and Powers

The directors are responsible for establishing policies and directing the affairs of the co-operative to meet the goals and objectives of the members.

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