Riverbend Co-op Carbon Footprint Report - Quarter 2021-02
May 31, 2021

Carbon Footprint Report — Quarter 2021-02

✅ 62.0% of materials used are being diverted away from landfills

✅ 3,878 metres cubed (853,040 gallons) of water was used and/or consumed

✅ Carbon Emission Intensity equates to 34.78 tCO2eq per million $ sales

✅ 1,195 tCO2eq was emitted by Riverbend Co-op operations

Loop Resource Program

What is LOOP and why has Riverbend partnered with them? 

Loop Resource enables Riverbend Co-op to divert 100% of our unsaleable food away from landfills and towards those in our communities who can use it best  farmers! 

For farmers, LOOP means receiving food that can be used as feed for their animals, as bio-energy, or as compost. 

Riverbend Co-op diverted 20,341 kg of waste from our landfills through the Loop Resource Program from January to April 2021.

These results mean that Riverbend Co-op is projected to divert over 37,800 kg of waste and save approximately $1,700 per year in tipping charges. 

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