The 2023-24 Riverbend Board of Directors
July 25, 2023

We would like to thank everyone who joined us for our Annual General Meeting.

We would like to congratulate Susan Kasper and Ed Spigott on their re-election to the board. We'd also like to show our appreciation to Mr. Lee Ponto for working to make our co-operative stronger.

Your Riverbend Co-op Board of Directors also held a re-organizational meeting following our AGM, and we would like to congratulate Susan Kasper, who was elected as President, John Harrington, who assumed to role of Vice President, and Ed Spigott, who assumed the role of Secretary of your Riverbend Co-op Board of Directors!

Joining the board this year as Associate Directors are Mr. Jason Low of Davidson and Ms. Carman Fowler of Kenaston.

Last, we would like to offer our heartfelt congratulations and thanks to Mr. Garth Weiterman. Mr. Weiterman offered his resignation from the board. Thanks to his service, Riverbend is a stronger co-operative today then it was when he first joined the board in 2017. We also wish to offer Mr. Weiterman the best of luck has he begins his term on the Federated Co-op Ltd. Board of Directors.

We are members, we are owners, we are Co-op!

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