Riverbend Brushes up on First Aid
December 3, 2021

Just over a dozen Riverbend Co-op team members were able to take part in First Aid training and recertification last week. The training is incredibly important for not only our teams, but also our families and our communities.

“It is vital that the Riverbend team knows how to effectively respond to any emergency situation,” Riverbend’s Health & Safety Advisor Chris Gilbert shared. “Our team is prepared to take control of any urgent event that may occur in our operation. From a minor cut to the use of an AED, our team is ready to assist any member of our community who walks through our doors.”

Riverbend Co-op has Automated External Defibrillator (AED) installed at several of our locations. If used within the first three minutes of a cardiac event, survival rates jumped considerably.

“For sure! Riverbend has AED's spread throughout our trading area. Studies have proven that the use of an AED when required improves the chance of a positive outcome by a substantial margin,” Mr. Gilbert added. “Having the AED devices comes from our dedication to safety for not only our team members, but for the communities that we serve.”

If you’re ever in need at or near a Riverbend location, reach out to one of our team members. They’ll will be able to get the help needed in emergency situations.