January 3, 2023

Riverbend Co-op will begin winding down our plastic bag program on April 1st of this year. After the first we will continue to offer plastic bags at our Home & Agro and Food Store locations while supplies lasts.

We fully expect the supply of plastic bags to be completely diminished by April 15th.

Sustainability is a key element of Riverbend Co-op and our Future. We believe it's critical to make decisions that are sustainable for ourselves and the communities we serve.

The Canadian Federal Government has also mandated that plastic checkout bags may no longer be imported or manufactured in Canada for sale after December 20, 2022 and will no longer be available to be sold after December 20, 2023. We are simply taking steps ahead of these dates to make the necessary changes.

With the plastic bag program coming to an end, we want to encourage and support our members and customers to remember your reusable bags. Already, you can find a varied selection of bags and containers available at all our food store locations.

Expect more details on our reusable cloth bag program later in the new year.